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The Beiner’s Prelude – a family business’s new step


Ernest Beiner, a dairy farmer in Bourgheim, cultivates a 6 ha-vineyard and has a new winery built at the edge of the village.


Creation of the EARL BEINER (Beiner LLC), Ernest goes into partnership with his son Pierre. The viticulture business keeps on developing while the farming gradually comes to an end.


The first pneumatic press is bought and the cellar equipment is modernised.


Beginning of the conversion the entire farm and vineyard to organic.


François Beiner joins his parents’ (Pierre and Jeanine) business with a project to sell bottled wine. Transformation of a former farm building into an extended wine cellar to stack produced bottles. Vintage 2019 sees the selling of the first bottles.

François Beiner: Alsatian winegrower

In June 2019, after an advanced technician’s certificate in plant production and a degree in Vine Science, François got his National Diploma in oenology in Dijon (France), after which he joined the family business. He brought back some oak barrels and some Burgundian expertise with him. Throughout his studies in oenology, François was a trombone student at the Colmar then Dijon conservatories.

François has been passionate about music ever since he was a little boy, and has discovered these past few years many parallels between wine and music; he finds them to be complementary. Both arts are the fruit of many unseen hours of work, both allow us to feel emotions, to make life more beautiful and to share strong moments of conviviality.

The Beiner’s Prelude is also a new beginning, our first own bottles – a new step for us.

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